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Connections - It Isn't Just For Enterprise Any More

by Lisa Duke


Ever wish your company had a solution like LinkedIn or Facebook so you could find experts and highlight your own skills and background? IBM actually markets such a product, based on their own corporate directory, called IBM Lotus Connections. And while big companies understand how helpful it would be to be able to search for the right experts inside their own organization, would such a solution make sense in a small company?

For STS, the answer is "absolutely!" STS deployed Connections internally last year, and since that time usage has taken off. One of the major reasons is Bookmarks.

Bookmarks allow the user to save links to webpages in a central location. If you've ever used Delicious, you'll be familiar with the concept. The major advantage over Delicious, though, is that those Bookmarks are private within your organization and easy for you team to find. Being able to mark great articles, blog postings, or places on the IBM partner site allow other team members to find the information without repeating the search. This is a huge time saver for the company as a whole.

In addition to Bookmarks, STS has found Activities to be useful. We are able to post our high level sales and marketing goals for the year and quarterly activities in a place where the entire company can see them and stay focused on them. Then, as the quarterly activities are completed, we can scratch them off the list and mark them complete.

Communities are another feature that works well for our team. We have Communities for hardware, for mobility, for competitive information, and many others.

Since STS has utilized Quickr on Domino internally since before Files were added to Connections, we don't often have a need for this aspect of the product. However, organizations our size who do not already have Quickr installed would find this feature useful as well.

If your organization (large or small) is interested in learning more about this product, contact us today!

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