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STS and Cargo Brokers Case Study by Abigail Brown (07/26/2010)

While many iSeries clients have done well for years using Pop3 email on the iSeries, Nicole Steinmetz from Cargo Brokers International, Inc. was interested in more. While the firm did have email, they were interested in leveraging many of the advantages of an in-house mail server..
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IBM Case Study: Forest Park Police Department Domino Upgrade by Abigail Brown (04/12/2010)

IBM profiles Forest Park Police Department, an STS client, and the 77% space reduction they achieved by upgrading their email server. Benefits of implementing Lotus Protector for Mail Security, Quickr, and Sametime also covered.
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IBM Case Study: InsureTrust Domino Upgrade by Abigail Brown (11/20/2009)

IBM profiles InsureTrust, an STS client, and the 58% space reduction they gained when STS upgraded their IBM Lotus Domino server to version 8.5 and implemented DAOS.
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West Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District uses Rapid-Ask by STS by Terri Conroy (03/31/2008)

Giving mobile access to workers is an area where the BlackBerry excels, but it can also be used to collect data from mobile workers too. Find out why the West Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District chose Rapid-Ask by STS for their mobile checklists and status updates.
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STS and Paraklete Financial Case Study by Terri Conroy (09/07/2007)

Security breaches are daily news. A breach can cripple a company both physically and, more importantly, financially. Find out why Tom Tillery of Paraklete Financial trusts STS to keep his company data secure.
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STS and Fortune 50 Global IT Case Study by Terri Conroy (06/01/2007)

One of the most important components of a successful IT project is collaboration. The sharing of insight and information across a team can mean the difference between a project that deploys on time and on budget and one that doesn’t. Learn why Shari Standridge, a Project Manager in Global IT for an Atlanta based Fortune 50 company, chooses to utilize the services of STS.
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STS and Dynamix Case Study by Terri Conroy (03/20/2007)

Dynamix Group, a Roswell, GA-based Information Technology company, credits its success during the last ten years to providing customers with the highest levels of service. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Dynamix Group takes pride in understanding customer needs and delivering solutions designed to specifically address business goals.
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